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Study for Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents – through June 2015

June 2, 2015

Researchers at the University of Georgia are looking for adult children who believe they had narcissistic parents (diagnosed with narcissistic personality disorder or not) to participate in a study about the impact of parental communication.Image for Study of Adult Children of Narcissistic Parents

Pasted below is the information received from one of the researchers. We are not affiliated with the study in any way, although we are certainly interested in the findings. (Many parents with BPD behaviors and thinking also exhibit NPD traits.)

The information below contains a link to the questionnaire. There is a consent form at the start of the questionnaire, which provides additional information and contact information if you have questions or would like to receive a summary of results once the data are analyzed.


My colleague and I are researchers at the University of Georgia collecting data for a project examining how parental communication impacts individuals once they are adults.  There is presently no published scale that measures parental narcissism behaviors from the perspective of the adult child, and very little research in general.  Not surprisingly, we would like to have ACONs (adult children of narcissists), if they are interested, participate in our study.

We currently are collecting data via a questionnaire that asks about ACONs parent’s communication style(s) and some items that measure personality characteristics of their parent or legal guardian that they identify as a narcissist and themselves. There is a need for more research and empirical understanding of ACONs and how they are impacted by their parent(s).

In addition, participants may choose to enter a drawing for one $100 gift cards for participating. The entire process will require less than 30 minutes of their time (closer to 20). Of course we will keep all information confidential, so that names and other identifying markers (e.g., IP addresses) will not be linked to the questionnaire they complete. Participants who are interested in the drawing will enter an email address into the drawing – email addresses will not be linked back to the questionnaires.

Here is the link:

We are keeping this current study active through June.

The data will be analyzed, assessed, and compiled throughout July. In July a summary report will be sent to all participating website administrators we are aware of. Aside from this summary report of the results, my co-author and I are hoping to publish in an academic journal.

We have an extensive consent form (also attached) participants read through before they proceed to the questions which let they know the purpose of the study, what to expect, benefits, risk, and contact information. The consent form as well as the rest of the study underwent an Institutional Review Board (IRB) application through the University of Georgia to ensure the study was upholding ethical standards.

It is important that the ACON perceives the parent as narcissistic even if s/he has not tested for or does not have NPD.

We truly appreciate your help and we hope through this study that we can create a short useful questionnaire for people to use to help identify narcissistic parents.


Valerie Coles

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