Surviving a Borderline Parent is the first step-by-step guide for adult children of parents with borderline personality disorder (BPD), be it diagnosed or undiagnosed.

Some 14 million people in the US suffer from borderline personality disorder. This book helps adult children overcome the devastating effects of growing up with a parent who suffers from BPD or BPD traits.

Although about as common as bipolar disorder, BPD is often overlooked or misdiagnosed by therapists and clinicians and, in many cases, is fiercely denied by those who display the traits.

Symptoms of BPD can include unpredictability, uncontrollable anger and other emotions, depression, self-abuse, fear of abandonment and unstable relationships that shift between, at one extreme, putting someone on a pedestal or, at the other extreme, seeing that person as “all bad.”

Parents with BPD may be unable to provide for the needs of their children and can be physically and emotionally abusive. In an ironic and painful role reversal, BPD parents can actually raise children to be their caretakers. They may burden even very young children with adult responsibilities.

If you were raised by a BPD parent, your childhood likely was inconsistent, volatile and painful. Those effects may very well be affecting you still today.

Surviving A Borderline Parent offers validation and guidance to understand and help overcome the lasting effects of being raised by a parent with BPD, whether it has been diagnosed or remains undiagnosed.

Discover specific coping strategies for dealing with issues common to children of borderline parents: low self-esteem, lack of trust, guilt, and hypersensitivity. With sections on The Past, The Present and The Future, Surviving A Borderline Parent helps “adult children” find a path forward, toward reclaiming their own self, building and enjoying healthy relationships, and living a full life.